Smokybrown CockroachSmokybrown Cockroach

A larger species, the Smokybrown cockroach is one of the few of its size to fly. Their ability to readily take flight makes it even easier for them to make their way into your home or office. In addition to contaminating your food and eating spaces, the Smokybrown cockroach can also destroy your books, clothing and paper goods. If you notice you have a Smokybrown cockroach problem, it is important to seek a reliable pest control treatment as soon as possible

Identifying the Smokybrown Cockroach

These insects are considered to be strong fliers with powerful wings extending beyond the size of their bodies. The adults are usually all black or mahogany with a shiny appearance. These insects prefer to live in foliage, lumber and debris, and their coloration makes hiding is these environments much easier.

Detecting an Infestation

In most cases, you will find Smokybrown cockroaches in your basement or the ground floor levels of your dwelling. They commonly take shelter in trash, stacks of wood and around leaky pipes.

Preventing Smokybrown Cockroaches

To prevent a Smokybrown cockroach infestation, it is important to eliminate any entrances they may find. In addition to flying in through an open window or door, these roaches will crawl into your dwelling from holes in the foundation or siding.

Smokybrown Cockroach Treatment

If your home or office has a Smokybrown cockroach infestation, you can get rid of the unwanted visitors by scheduling a consultation with the Ambassador Pest Control specialists to identify the source of your bug problem and implement a customized treatment plan to keep the roaches from coming back. While your individual needs may vary, our professional pest control technicians have been highly trained to investigate your personal pest problem and provide a solution that is right for your unique needs. Request your free inspection with a qualified pest specialist today!