German Cockroach Blattodea._Cascuda._Santiago_de_CompostelaGerman Cockroach

If you see a cockroach scurrying across your kitchen floor, it is most likely a German cockroach. The most common cockroach found in residential and commercial dwellings across the United States, the German cockroach usually finds its way indoors through small openings or by hitching a ride on objects brought inside. The problem with these pests is the fifth they spread throughout your home or office, contaminating your food, utensils and eating spaces. To prevent illness, it is crucial to seek treatment for your German cockroach problem as the first sign of an infestation.

Identifying the German Cockroach

One of the smaller species or roaches, an adult German cockroach typically ranges from 13-16 mm in size. They are identified by their light brown coloration and two horizontal black stipes behind their heads. Though adults do have wings, most prefer to run over fly.

Detecting an Infestation

In most cases, home and businessowners will find German cockroaches in moist spaces, like their bathrooms and kitchens. These pests are known to hide and take shelter in small crevices. Be sure to look for them hidden in boxes, bags, under cabinets and behind picture frames. If you see German cockroaches during the day, it may be a sign you have a heavy infestation.

Preventing German Cockroaches

Keeping German cockroaches out of your dwellings involves sanitizing properly and consistently. Be sure to pick up any crumbs, ventilate crawl spaces to keep moisture at bay and seal utility pipes and other entrances letting the pests indoors.

German Cockroach Treatment

If you’re dealing with a German cockroach infestation, take the first step to get rid of the unwanted insects by contacting the specialists at Ambassador Pest Control to identify your problem’s source and develop an individualized treatment plan to keep pests from coming back. The unique needs of your situation may vary, but our pest control experts are highly trained to assess your pest problem and provide the right solution to your needs. Request a free inspection with one of our qualified technicians today!