Get the Roaches out of my Kitchen!

Ambassador Pest Management has proven technology and methods that eradicate roaches fast, leaving no chemical residue that can harm your family and pets. Once eradicated, our integrated pest management (IPM) system of regular monitoring, record keeping and regular treatments will keep your home roach free for years to come.

Roach Control Technology

New technology and treatment systems focused on the eradication of roaches in your home or commercial property delivered by Ambassador Pest Management will give you the results you need and peace of mind knowing your problem is being handled by licensed professionals. Call us now for a fast, free inspection of your property. We will do a thorough analysis of your roach problem and provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan that will eliminate the problem now and in the future.

What types of Roaches are in South Florida?

keepp cockroaches out of your home

There are many different types of cockroaches in South Florida, the most common are

  1. American Cockroaches
  2. German Cockroaches
  3. Oriental Cockroaches
  4. Smokybrown Cockroaches

Roach Control Certified Experts

You can count on our certified expert technicians to be well trained in all roach eradication methods and will provide friendly service with a minimum disruption in your home or office. Call now and we’ll get to work on your free inspection and your treatment plan.

100% Customer Service Guaranteed
Free On-Site Inspection and Service Estimate
Save $50 on Your First Service*

*Save $50 on New Service with a one year service agreement only

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