Protect Your Property From Fleas

fleas on my dog

If you have a property that you have rent out, you must be responsible enough to protect your tenants from fleas. These small pests are truly difficult to control since they spread very quickly. Their bites can be dangerous since they cause skin irritations and diseases; if you do not take it seriously, an infestation might break out that would be more hard to deal with. Owners and property managers must determine the prevalence of fleas in the property premises and take suitable action to help protect the tenants and the pets around.

Flea Removal

Reddish-brown in color, fleas feed on the blood of animals and humans. They are tiny parasites that jump around, further making it difficult to spot and control. Pesticides are often used to control these pests during their egg and larva stages but it hardly benefits. It is therefore highly recommended to opt for an integrated pest control system.

Talk to your tenants

If you have tenants that have pets, you need to talk to them about getting their pets groomed regularly since flea infestation generally starts with the pets. Regular vet consultation should also be advised and the best treatment methods adopted if they are infested with fleas. Your tenants should also coordinate during flea treatments such as removing food, toys and clothing from the floor, regularly washing and maintaining pet bedding, cleaning the uncarpeted area and vacuuming carpets. Clutter must be as far as possible cleared from time to time.

Prevent as much as you can

The outside environment of your property should also be examined. If it has troublesome wildlife around, the pets on your property may acquire fleas from them. This can later lead to an infestation in your property which could prove costly. It is therefore wise to take care early and call in a commercial pest control company to address the problem effectively.
Cut the grass, remove fallen leaves, wood piles and other items that may attract the pests.

Seek professional help

Controlling fleas is not easy. It requires a great deal of knowledge, high standards of training and the right tools and equipment. So make sure to look for a specialist pest control company such as Ambassador Pest Control for preventive and curative cost-effective solutions.

Pest control treatment

The procedure involves preparation (by you), pet treatment (by a vet), inside treatment and outside treatment (both provided by a pest control company).

Doesn’t risk trying to eliminate flees by yourself; call the professionals at Ambassador Pest Control commercial!

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