How Does Electronic Cockroach Repellent Work?



Many unwelcome invitees such as cockroaches are found in almost all homes. They rapidly and easily invade the environment without being noticed. Most at times, these unhealthy insects can be noticed only when situations get worst. They can easily come in contact with microbes because they live in sewers, drains, and beside disgusting environs. They’ll spread these microorganisms on the surfaces of your kitchen and different areas of your home. In actual fact, 30 bacteria types have been identified by Cambridge University to be associated with cockroaches living in our homes. Cockroaches are identified by the World Health Organization to be carriers of microorganisms that can cause diseases such as dysentery, typhoid fever, cholera, and diarrhea.

With this type of statistics, there is no doubt that many people will do anything to get rid of cockroaches both in their homes and workstations. Apart from the commonly known cockroach control methods such as sprays and traps, there are also electronic repellents, but they haven’t gained a lot of grounds as of now. Before purchasing an electronic cockroach repellent, you need to know what it is and how it functions. So, read on to find out.

How Do Electronic Cockroach Repellents Function?

Apparently, an electronic repellent works by conveying very high frequency, or ultrasonic sound waves which are able to cause a response that can obfuscate and even kill pests such as cockroaches.

These repellents can be bought at any house hardware shop and plugged into a wall outlet. Humans can’t hear the sound they produce because it is too high for them to get it. As such, members of the household will not be disturbed and worried by these gadgets. Some clients might prefer to utilize electronic cockroach repellents because they are not complicated to use. They might even consider it as a more gentle method of handling domestic pests.

How Effective Are Electronic Cockroach Repellents?

Theoretically, these repellents might be the best solution to the common pests’ problem, but they are not all that they’re said to be. A number of manufacturers have actually been targeted by the Federal Trade Commission for making false publicities that weren’t supported by genuine research.

In addition, researchers from Kansa State University showed in a study they published in 2006 that cockroaches, most especially German cockroaches (usually found in houses) cannot be influenced by these gadgets.

If you’re not convinced by this scientific research, there are equally other problems with these devices. Firstly, the sound wave emitted can be disturbed or blocked easily by normal domiciliary items such as floor lamps and furniture. This, in turn, shortens the distance covered by these sound waves.  This might also interfere with the alarm systems and affect other household pets like hamsters or guinea pigs.

Is DIY Cockroach Control Best?

It can be enticing to try the DO-IT-YOURSELF techniques such as electronic cockroach repellent when it concerns pest control. Yet, it can also be of more trouble than it seems.

To begin with, it is vital to take into consideration efficacy issues. It is obvious that the electronic repellents might not even work.  Cockroaches can be eliminated partially by other DIY options such as bait stations, and boric acid which can be misused easily. It is very important to follow the professional training and label instructions with these types of methods.

You might definitely end up spending more on control methods if you do not contact an expert to assist you in your search for the right treatment. Also, when applying any pest control substance, it needs to be done properly. But, most homeowners lack the required skills to accomplish that – leading to other issues.

For that reason, the best option for an effective solution of cockroach or other pest problem is to hire trained and professional pest controllers. To assist you in getting your pest problem on a tight rein, our trained and skillful pest control experts will inspect and treat your environment, along with follow-up treatments. Get a free estimate now!!!

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