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Eco friendly Equestrian Pest Control Services

Scott Lewis, president at Ambassador Pest Management has extensive knowledge and experience with horses and on farms. The Lewis family has been in the equestrian business for over 50 years and Scott personally has owned over 100 horses. They have won several competitions and competed in many more. So, you can trust that we know our way around a barn and appreciate the relationship of owner and animal and would never do anything to harm either of you.

Safe Equestrian Pest Control Services

Ambassador Pest Management specializes in rodent, fly and spider control for ranches and equestrian facilities in West Palm Beach and Stuart.

At Ambassador Pest Management, we recognize that your horse is not only a powerful, athletic creature but also a beloved companion. We offer pet friendly pest control and prevention options to not only help the health of your animal but also keep down stress on the horse related to many pestering insects; such as flies, ticks, lice, mites, gnats, mosquitoes and many more.

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Prevention methods are needed in the stables and on the premises.

The costs can really add up by not preventing these problem pests from entering your horses area; costs such as food which can be contaminated by rodents and other insects, rats, mice and raccoons can cause extensive and costly damage to buildings and ruin expensive equipment and tack; rats, mice, raccoons and insects are often carriers of a wide range of diseases, which can be passed on to humans and pets and you can incur massive medical bills.

Ambassador uses a combination of mechanical and chemical (when absolutely necessary) pest control and prevention. The mechanical method involves the use of bug zappers, insect traps and insect paper strips.

We will also professionally de-web your property and detect any and all potential pest problems and partner with you to take care of them. The chemical method involves the use of a few chemicals, all of which are EPA labeled safe for grazing horses and pets.

Stirofos, when added to a horse’s feed on a daily basis, kills horsefly and stable fly larvae hatching in the manure and is safe for your pet. We also use granular fire ant bait that is also EPA labeled safe for grazing horses.