Destructive Super Termites are invading South Florida, Worse than Ever, Specialist Say

super termites invading South Florida

Can termite infestation in South Florida get any worse? Yes, there’s no doubt about it.

This year, there are two relatively new voracious buggers’ species, which are worse than ever. Now that the swarming season is here, the phones of pest control institutions are constantly ringing off the hook. As is it often said, prevention is better than cure; consequently, reluctant homeowners should better act as soon as the revealing colonies and wings appear.

There has been a 30% increase in Asian and Formosan termites in the last five years, and it won’t get any better. These termites can’t be eradicated easily because they do not have any natural enemy. Also, just a fraction of their population is being threatened by pest control companies.

The non-native Formosan and Asian species of termites rapidly invade homes, in great numbers and hit hard. A typical colony constitute millions of members travelling together. The Formosan species, in particular, is just a dynamite termite – it is possibly the most dangerous. Not only do they chew through wood, but the bug brigade also moves through the plumbing system and can disintegrate concrete — breaching every area of your home.

Spreading their wings

These super termites got into South Florida by infesting new territories besides the Palm Beach Port, the Miami River, the New River in Fort Lauderdale, and by hitching rides on yachts and ships. According to a 2016 study by the UF’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, half of the buildings and homes from the Keys to Palm Beach County are predicted to be at risk of termite infestation over the next 20 years.

It wouldn’t take long for the Asian and Formosan termites to be as prevalent as the Florida dampwood and West Indian drywood termites that have been causing havoc and panic for centuries. Not long from now, if care isn’t taken, South Florida will be saturated with these new species.
Do not hesitate, act fast

The moment you see the signs, don’t wait, take action immediately. These signs include bugs flying near lights, scattered wings, faecal pellets beneath infested wood, mud tubes around the foundation of the house, etc.
Termite damage does not occur immediately; it’s a steady process. If ignored, it can lead to severe damages, which might cost thousands of dollars.

Termite Treatment options

Identifying the type of termite is the key to effective treatment. Options include spraying insecticides, tenting for dry wood termites, or placing a bait around the perimeter of building for subterranean.

Treating these species with chemical pesticides, which is the most predominant method provided by pest control institutions isn’t the best way to eliminate this problem. Research has shown that bait is the best method to control Formosan termites. If you use this method, you’ll kill the entire colony. However, many people still use pesticides sprays in the soil around their home to get rid of these insects. Note that this method will only chase them away for a short period.

How long do you have before handling this termite problem?

If your home is infested with Formosan or Asian termites, you have about 3-5 years before they cause considerable damages. It is important to get rid of them with the bait system once you notice a sign. This is because these species are ten times larger than the native ones. An established colony have just about a year before they eat your roof trusses.

When it comes to Drywood termites, they’ll develop to about 50 colonies within 20 to 30 years if left untreated. These termites are slow eaters with 1000 of them in a colony. Tenting will kill them all.

You’ll have to think about the whole community when it concerns subterranean termites. They will build up rapidly, and it will be costly to treat if we do not take quick action to reduce their population. The most effective treatment that’ll work for them is the bait method.

Nevertheless, you can contact experts from Ambassador Pest Control to do a proper check and treatment. We’ll be pleased to offer a free, no-obligation estimate on our pest control services.

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