Have you ever wondered how cockroaches get to high places? Can cockroaches climb? You can learn more about the anatomy of cockroaches for its permits and gives their different species the abilities to get to higher places better than others.

Climbing Cockroaches

For sure, cockroaches can get to high place easily. Whenever you come across a cockroach, you’ll obviously find it scurrying through a countertop or floor. You can possibly see it crawling through a ceiling or climbing a wall as well.

Cockroaches have a hook-like structure called Tarsus at the end of their legs and at the end of this hook-like structures, there is pretarsus which is essential for climbing. All these structures are what permits cockroaches to walk across ceilings and climb high places effortlessly.

Surfaces Cockroaches Can Climb

Unfortunately, a good number of home building materials like drywall, wood, stone, and brick provide plenty of gripping surfaces to cockroaches, permitting them to walk in an upturned manner on ceilings and to climb walls.

Surfaces Cockroaches aren’t able to climb

There are some smooth surfaces in our houses that are virtually impossible for cockroaches to climb. They include:
• Smooth metal
• Marble surfaces
• Glass
• Granite
• Porcelain

Rapid Infestation

This is the ability that allows cockroaches to rapidly swing their bodies from the top of surfaces to its underside. Cockroaches can quickly run through the edge of surfaces till you see just part of their body. In the end, cockroaches swing their body around to grasp the surface underside by means of their rear legs grasping the edge.

When Should You Contact A Professional Cockroach Control Service?

Not everybody loves to find cockroaches parading within their homes. These pests can trigger asthma and other allergic reactions in some people. They can also be good mechanical carriers of E. coli and salmonella. Cockroaches can also secrete oily substances with a disgusting smell which are able to attach themselves to clothes, dishes, and even foods. It’s quite obvious that these insects are adaptable creatures since they can live and multiply in places where conditions seem favorable.

Contact Ambassador Pest Control and allow our skillful and experienced technicians help you deal with these exasperating invaders.