5 Irresistible Landscaping Trends taking Palm Beach County by Storm

Curb appeal—every house needs it, particularly in Palm Beach, where each lawn is more fabulous than the next. You don’t have to wait until you’re ready to sell your house to spruce up the yard. Turn your back lawn or front garden into an oasis, a place where you can hang out with family and friends, barbecuing and playing games well into the evening. First, though, you have to browse through the latest landscaping trends sweeping across the city and South Florida. Before you begin, close your eyes and envision the ideal yard. Now, discover a trend that speaks to you.

  1. It’s Hygge Time
  2. Have you heard of hygge? It’s more than just the Danish word for “fun.” It’s also a state of mind—and it’s the latest landscaping trend in Palm Beach. The city is fast-paced and high-strung, which is why cozy, serene gardens and lawns are all the rage. Create a soothing space using water features, aromatics such as flowers and herbs, and seating that encourages closeness and intimacy. You’re going for a Zen kind of vibe, but don’t think of your yard as a Zen garden. You’re just getting hygge with it in Palm Beach.

  3. Monochrome in Green
  4. A couple of years ago, bold, bright rainbow hues popped up in landscaping everywhere. Splashy palettes are perfect under the blazing Palm Beach sun. Not for nothing does the city love showing off in pastels and primary colors. This year, however, landscapers are mad for monochrome.
    No, that doesn’t mean that you should design a black and white yard. Instead, focus on green. From dark green fronds to the bright hue of fresh grass and varying shades of shrubbery and plants, you can easily put together a green rainbow. With the right flora, you can bring a slice of the jungle into your backyard.

  5. Rustic Charm
  6. Rustic décor has a place outside, and it’s fun to design. Plant flowers in old wooden barrels or tubs. Trawl the antique shops and flea markets to uncover old gardening accessories, such as metal watering cans, iron birdcages, and vintage wagons. You can even try your hand at some DIY landscaping. Use old window frames and retired kitchen chairs as planters. Test the limits of your imagination as you turn your backyard into a chic country getaway.

  7. The Backyard Kitchen
  8. Forget about your tired old grill. To set your yard apart from every other lawn in Palm Beach, you need an outdoor kitchen to go with your lanai or patio. Upgrade your BBQ—you’re in south Florida; it pays to have a high-quality grill, such as a permanent gas grill. Don’t stop there, though. Why not include an outdoor bar, as well?

  9. Native Nature
  10. Going native is one of the hottest landscaping trends in Palm Beach this year. South Florida is home to a wide variety of gorgeous plants and flowers, and because they’re native to the area, you can plant them in your yard with confidence. They can handle the soil, the sunshine, the salt, and the shade with little maintenance. Using native plants can also help create a naturally fragrant garden and attract beautiful fluttering wildlife. From the Common Maidenhair fern and butterfly weed to amaranth, wild sage, and blue flag iris, you’re spoiled for choice.

What landscaping trend speaks to you? Think about your home and your yard as you choose designs, flowers, and other plants. Palm Beach is an eclectic, vibrant town, so your landscaping can follow suit.

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