Prevent Termites in Your Jupiter Home and Protect Your Investment

If you’re battling termites in your South Florida home and thinking of do-it-yourself removal, remember that when it comes to pest control, it’s usually best to trust the professionals.

Left untreated, termites in West Palm Beach, Jupiter and other Florida cities can cause more structural damage than a fire, flood or hurricane. Before you take a chance with your most precious investment, get the facts about DIY termite removal.

Termites in Your Jupiter Property – Identification and Inspection

    • There are three species that residents most often encounter: drywood, dampwood and subterranean. Knowing which type is critical to determining the extent of damage and successful treatment. Unless you are an entomologist, insect identification can be tricky.
    • These insects can live in colonies of over one million members, and they often live hidden inside walls or crawl spaces. By the time you see evidence of their existence, chances are they have already established a powerful presence in your home.
    • White ant exterminators are trained to spot and eradicate hidden colonies.

Termite Control Effectiveness and Expenses

    • Store-bought products may be effective on small outbreaks. They work less well for serious infestations and may even lead you to believe you’ve solved the problem only to have it reappear later.
    • Professional exterminators use proven methods, tools and techniques to stop them in their tracks.
    • Do-it-yourself termite removal may seem like the cheaper option, but it can end up costing you more in the long run. The products you purchase may not be effective, resulting in the growth of your problem.
    •  Continuing to treat unsolved white ant outbreaks can be costly and time consuming. Reputable exterminators always guarantee their work.

Safe and Effective Termite Control Services in Jupiter

    •  Using chemicals of any kind is always dangerous. Their improper application can cause harm to users, children, pets and plants.
    • If you choose to use DIY pest control products, always read and follow the instructions to prevent injury. Using a professional removes most of the risk.
    • Specialists are trained to solve problems in ways that are both effective and safe.  Jupiter homeowners shouldn’t take chances.

Call on Ambassador Pest Management for the best termite removal in Jupiter you can trust. Our family owned business has been a fixture in South Florida since 1989, and our friendly technicians are trained to safely inspect, identify and effectively remove infestations from both commercial and residential properties. Protect your investment, remove the worry and do it right the first time with us.


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