Termites Fort Lauderdale – The Next House Could be Yours

As a South Florida homeowner, it is vital to care for your property and invest in its maintenance.  By doing so, you get to save more time and money by avoiding further damage and repairs.  Aside from routine plumbing and roofing checks, it is crucial for you to be aware of pests in your residence — particularly the presence of termites.  Termite infestation in Jupiter, Fort Lauderdale and other cities in South Florida are a huge problem and this article attempts to provide some light into what information all home owners should know.

Termite Control and Prevention for Your South Florida Home

Do you have any idea the damage these wood destroying insects can do to your home?  Termites are seen as the top hazard to wood-based structures and have cost Americans more than $5 billion in damages yearly, as stated by the National Pest Management Association.  The first step in keeping your home or place of work safe is detection and prevention.   Pest control companies can provide you the assistance and help you get the early symptoms of an infestation.

Termite Species that Live in Fort Lauderdale

    • Subterranean or the ones that live underground and the dry wood which live solely in wood
    • Subterranean insects establish their colonies within the soil, while dry wood white ants are present in furniture, wood flooring, cabinets and framework of houses.
    • Both varieties of these insects are found to be more active in warmer climates, and Fort Lauderdale is one of the cities with the highest infestations in the country.
    • Once these insects invade your property, it is crucial for a professional pest control specialist to be able to determine the species to provide immediate treatment.

 Signs of Termites You Should Look Out For

    • Empty or hollow-sounding wood – These insects love being invisible to the naked eye, this is why they choose dark, moist surroundings and do not feed on the surface of the wood.  Instead, they eat it from the inside.  So, if you try tapping the surface of the wood and it sounds empty or hollow, then you know something has been consuming it from within
    • The presence of multiple winged insects or shed wings – Reproductive termites fly to produce new colonies.  Those that live underground usually swarm early in the year or during spring.  If you notice a number of discarded wings or a swarm of insects, call your bug exterminator to make an inspection.
    • Chipped or damaged paint on wood surfaces – Dry wood white ants may get into small openings present in window cracks or vents.  It is important that you closely keep an eye on these.
    • The presence of excrement or fecal matter – These are the thin strips that are tiny and rounded at the end. These look like fecal pellets found usually around wood called Frass.   It is best to prevent the collection of debris on your gutters and downspouts in order to avoid food sources for these bugs.

Call a Reputable Pest Control Specialist in Fort Lauderdale

In the event that you suspect the presence of these insects in your property, call a licensed exterminator, like Ambassador Pest. With over twenty five years of expertise and service, we can definitely help you care for your residential or commercial investment by treating and eliminating these pests. Schedule your free Fort Lauderdale termites inspection today.



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