Lawn Care and Management from a Pest Control Jupiter Expert

Summer is drawing to a close, and if your lawn and garden have seen a lot of growth, traffic or heat damage, there’s never been a better time to get ready for next year’s stunning season. With a combination of maintenance, professional fertilization and pest control, Jupiter residents in Florida can set the stage for beautiful tomorrows and keep lawns looking wonderful all year.

Pest Control Jupiter Fall Lawn Care Tips

    • Fertilization and Weed Management – Regular applications of high nitrogen fertilizers are best for South Florida lawns, but the need for fertilization lessens during periods of drought. Weeds are a year-round problem, and high humidity encourages the growth of fungus.
    • To avoid ugly dead patches and the headaches that come with treating your lawn and pulling weeds, Ambassador Pest offers a season-specific lawn maintenance program that combines environmentally friendly fertilizers and specialized herbicides that kill weeds that have already emerged and prevent new ones from sprouting.
    • Water Needs and Maintenance – High temperatures and drought are the two biggest stressors to Jupiter lawns. If you’ve planted a heat tolerant turf grass like St. Augustine, frequent summer rain can keep lawns and gardens looking green and healthy without outside irrigation.
    • As rainfall dwindles, lawns and plants start to show the effects of dry conditions.Regular watering during dry months can keep your lawn looking great and prevent the need for reseeding. As growth slows during the winter, mow less frequently, and never remove more than one-third of total length in a single mow.


The Necessity of Pest Control Services for Your Jupiter Home

    • Due to the mild winters in Jupiter, pest control is necessary in every season.
    • Southern cinch bugs and grub worms attack turf grasses, especially St. Augustine, leading to unsightly yellow patches that will continue to spread until once luxurious lawns are completely destroyed.
    • Whiteflies infest trees and ornamental shrubs, and these quickly multiplying pests are difficult to eradicate once established.
    • For the best results, prevent pest problems before they occur with regular insecticide treatments from Ambassador Pest. As local experts, we know which pests are likely to attack and treat accordingly.


Ambassador Pest Control Experts in Jupiter, Florida

Professional lawn and garden assistance from Ambassador Pest Management can make the difference between so-so and spectacular.

We offer comprehensive lawn care service to both commercial and residential customers that combines fertilization, weed suppression and pest management in a single one-stop service. Our years of experience have made us the premier choice of residents for their pest control Jupiter services.

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